Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Embrace Your Back Fat

Yes, I said it. Embrace your back fat. All my life I have done the starving, dieting, even surgery to stay slim and trim which hasn't always been easy since I'm a very curvy woman as my husband would agree.

This last Halloween I was more into the season. I decorated but didn't go nutty with it, I entered writing contests and actually won a $25 gift certificate at Amazon from The Whacko Blogs  (thanks again Jeremy) and promptly bought a memory foam pillow for my neck pain.

I had also gone shopping at the right time and purchased clothing for 90 cents a piece which I'm still proud of. Never in my life would I think I would wear stripes but here I am, a new woman. I told a fellow customer I thought I was going through my second childhood. She laughed.

So I bring my purchases home and try on the dress. It falls effortlessly to the floor because when you buy something in your size it will do that. I feel my hair swishing across my back so I'm swishing my hair back and forth while my husband watches and chuckles.

I turn around and tell him to take my picture but from the back so I can show off the back of my dress and my long beautiful swishy hair. He does.

I excitedly load the pictures onto my laptop and seeing my picture exclaim loudly, I GOT BACK FAT Wahhhhhhh. My husband trying to hide a smile tells me that I'm his honey and my back ~ahem~ fat is sexy because it's MY back fat to which I finally decided to relax and embrace my back fat.

Yes, I do wear a witches hat year round.