Thursday, December 3, 2015

Have You Seen My Missing Sock?

I have decided that missing socks are not contained to only washing machines and/or dryers. The proof of that lays at the foot of my bed in front of the laundry basket.

I wear socks as a rule especially when it begins to cool down they change from footies to ankle socks, getting a little thicker as the months grow colder.

The odd thing is if I wear socks to bed my feet get hot then I can't get to sleep so I will 'monkey toe' them off cooling my feet and falling asleep. You think they would still be there when I woke up wouldn't you...WRONG.

Mornings and that covers whenever I crawl out of bed, I say coffee much like a zombie says brains as I stumble out of the bedroom so I don't even remember wearing socks to bed.

Life merrily goes on and I repeat this at least five more times each time grabbing a fresh pair. That makes five pairs of socks all distinctively multi-colored all with a personality of their own. They are 'just socks' Grandma.

So I'm in the bedroom getting our laundry together and start picking up the stray socks. One by one I throw each sock in a pile as I look around for more I notice that I have found one sock each of five pairs. What the heck?

The question of the day. Where did five different socks disappear too?  Maybe there's a hole under my bed? Today after bandage change, I look over and there is another matching sock just innocently laying there.

I roll them together and as I toss them in the basket I entertain the idea of googling 'paranormal activities'.

Do you have troubles keeping matching socks? I love stories so do tell.