Saturday, December 19, 2015

What A Moonlight Breeze Smell Like

Moonlight Breeze

You can't read it very well but this must be a new dish soap, the color, and name catching my attention.

First off I love purples and deep reds, dark colors with a spot of color thrown in but wait, I'm talking about dish soap here.

The color has now got me plus the 50% more degreaser label at the top, okay sold me there. In dish soap world more is better.

The name Gain is of course widely known but when my eyes landed on the title Moonlight Breeze  I was sold. I love the Moon, I love the light, I love breezes.

By the way, I went and googled Gain to see if I could get a better picture and when I got to all the images when you mouse over the name with your arrow it magnifies it. Well, now I don't feel so bad.

Plunked it in my basket and it was time to exit Family Dollar.

Curious about how you can put the scent of a moonlight breeze in a bottle I'm all for it but what will it smell like I ask. I squirted some in the dish water and sniffed. I caught a pleasant kind of scent, my brow is creased in concentration, what is that scent I ask myself. Maybe not enough, after all, there is the extra 50% in this bottle so ~squirt~squirt~sniff~sniff~ Hmmmm...the closest smell  conclusion I could come to was lavender.

I give up and hand the bottle over to Mr.Rose, he puts on his glasses confirming that there is no fragrance listed but the label is in 3 different languages.