Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Tiny Closet

Yes, I have a tiny closet to go with my tiny shower. In with the new, out with the old gets tricky with a teeny tiny closet. The top shelve has this rope ladder contraption with pipes sticking out that at first I thought when we first moved in were tent poles. Nope. Should we take a practice climb I asked Mr. Rose.

We do have a small storage unit where about twenty boxes are stored involving a flight of stairs and a walk across the yard to get to. My back dares me to try and store there.

So I have a couple of boxes and bags up on the top shelf. Even googling one of those 'organizing small places' sites can't help this tiny closet.

I'm thinking that the hanger people should come up with tiny hangers to fit in a tiny closet. My regular hangers stick out so closing the closet door consists of bumping the door shut with your bum.

Christmas was kind to us this year getting us some more stuff to store. I need to sort out clothes, eventually, it's going to get cold. It will either break my back getting it out to the storage area or shoving more stuff into the tiny closet and hoping it doesn't explode.

I think this place was made for really tiny people. The sooner we move the better.

Who would rather have a bigger closet? I love stories so do tell.