Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chicken Wings, Zombies, & Coffee, Oh My

I love chicken wings. Especially Teriyaki soaked wings. I had left them in a bag letting them soak for 2 days. I get them all ready, put them in the oven turning to Mr. Rose and said,

"You there, no more chicken wings. We fill up twice, you eat them all." "Save some for other people fat boy."

Needless to say, we started cracking up. I got that from some comedian but can't remember who. There is one lonely chicken wing left.

I'm on the web getting led by the nose through link after link when to my great joy I come across, "The Walking Dead returns to AMC February 14." I did my inside happy snoopy dance reading you can watch full episodes on AMC. Score!
I'm waiting with bated Teriyaki breath.

What's worse than picking up raw hamburger bit off the floor? Is missing the trash and picking it up again.~Yuck~

What's a meanie trick to do to your husband? Having him try and smell the Pumpkin Spice bag of coffee grounds with a stuffy nose, ~Opps~, sorry.

Last but not least I'm on my 3rd Season of The Following on Netflix quietly wondering just how many times the bad people stab with a knife in a show? Can you tell I was bored. I promised myself I was going to count the next show.

So that's a typical day at the home of Grandma Rose, what's yours? I love stories so do tell.