Friday, January 8, 2016

Oh No You Didn't

Your standing there. In front of America, in front of a huge audience, waiting with bated breath, your heart speeds up racing as you wait to hear, did I win? What's taking you so long, I'm getting all sweaty in my thousand dollar dress...I WONNNNNNN.

Oh thank-you, thank-you (in Michele Jackson voice) I'd like to thank my mother, my father, my...WHAT??? No win for you Columbian chickie.

First off, Steve Harvey is going to wear the crown of shame to go along with the crown that was transferred from the Columbian head to the rightful Philippine's head.


Good lord how humiliating. I would call no give-backsies. You called MY name, it's MY crown ~SOB- I'm calling my Columbian father to beat up your Philippine father.

Handing over the crown, she graciously says that's okay~SOB~ aka Son Of a Biotch.

Better make a new crown because now Miss. Columbian has her fists out crying NO FAIR. I know...offer to cut the crown in half and see which one loves it enough to let the other have it. Oh wait, I'm thinking of something else.

Better get some body guards Steve messing with those Columbians, especially daddy's little Columbian. I'm scared just thinking of it.

Did you watch the pageant? I didn't but I wish I had. I love stories so do tell.