Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Can I Have A Word With You Mr. Cloud?

Me: Okay Mr. Cloud. I know you are all soft and fluffy sometimes a bit gray, why are you hanging out over my town almost every day?

Mr. Cloud: I love your town. It's small, quaint and needs water.

Me: I can understand that Mr. Cloud but you are making a nuisance
of yourself. And your not raining.

Me: Do I have to come up there and wring you out?

Mr. Cloud: No no you don't have to go that far, I will rain down on you all. 

Hears a crack of thunder.

Me: Is that a threat?

Mr. Cloud: Hangs cloudy head, I was just trying to impress you with my greatness.

It begins to rain...and rain...and rain.

Me: I'm sorry if I upset you Mr. Cloud. Please put on your big cloud pants and stop crying.

This is what you get when you talk to a touchy cloud. And it's still raining.