Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ring Around The Rosie


You have your bathtub ring, ~ew~ you have a sports ring, you have those big rings they put in a bull's nose. Some of the more talented smokers can make a smoke ring. You can ring your bell or someone can 'ring your bell'. In fact, there is a song with the lyrics, ring my bell in the song. Thier is the napkin ring and the children's song, Ring Around The Rosie.

All kind of rings but the rings that are giving me the most trouble are those bands of silver or gold that go on your fingers. I am constantly turning them right side up and some days it drives me nutty. I composed a letter to the offending people.

Dear Ringmakers,

Why do your rings want to turn upside down? I defeated my engagement ring and wedding ring turning over the problem, by the two rings being welded together by, I don't know what as it was a gift from my husband's grandmother. This being said it you don't have to straighten them to each other, so they turn upside down together. Is it gravity or what? Kinda like when you drop your peanut buttered toast and it always lands butter side down? I am really annoyed so don't tell me about those little plastic tubes you can put on your ring to keep it in place because if I don't like the feeling of the top of my ring being in the fold of my fingers, I won't like that either. 

A disgruntled ring wearer.

 The problem is it won't do a bit of good but I do feel better shooting off that letter. If you have big knuckles reminding me of my mother always telling me "don't crack your knuckles, it will make them big" to which of course in all my teenage wisdom disregarded and I'm pretty sure breaking some of my fingers didn't help causing my knuckles to be enlarged, I have come to the conclusion to get the superglue out!

Do you wear a ring that you would like to throw out the window?

~Please don't take any of this too serious~