Thursday, March 24, 2016

Snow Is Not For The Birds!

We in Vermont have a thing called Springtime Snow. At least, that's what I call it! Snow, rain and mud...repeat.

Early this morning I was doing an upgrade to Windows 10 listening to what started out as a little cheep cheep, then chirp chirp, then that bird must have been having a fit and finally got my whole attention with some god awful loud squawking.

I think her feathers were in a twist!

I looked up at Grandpa Rose and told him that must be a mama bird pissed off about snow in her nest covering her eggs and telling Mother Nature off!

It's all white and snowed a little more but you can see any animal that happens to run by which today was two squirrels and a dog.

That's our excitement for the day. Melt snow, darn you meltttttt.