Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Wheel Goes Round and Round

This is what I envision in my head when I do anything Google.That little kinda half circle thing that goes round and round and round...

I try and be patient about the whole thing but at seven months in I have to voice my thoughts on this subject of abuse. I mean do I have a minute to sit watching this little kinda half circle wheel turn itself round and round.

I feel like I'm going round and round and I'm saying round and round too much! 

Sitting here one day I let out a growl that I didn't know I did. Grandpa Rose looks up to see my scowling face and innocently asks whats the matter?

I told him it's that darn little kinda half circle thing, it reminds me of a hamster running in its wheel getting nowhere fast!

Presto...a post is born.