Thursday, April 21, 2016

How To Have A Fun Whacky Holiday

Tomorrow is Jelly Bean Day for all you Jelly Bean lovers. Of course, you can eat Jelly Beans all through the year especially on Easter when you would find Jelly Beans all through the grass in your Easter Basket.

Personally, I have to stay away from those little innocent looking little ovals of sugary goodness or I'll eat them until I feel sick.

Jelly Beans takes me back to when growing up I would walk with my Grandma to the local store where I lived, she would purchase a bag. She didn't like the black flavored ones so I got all of that kind.

Later on, when I had grown into an adult I was working at a factory in the town I lived in. I was now in Maine. I was in my early twenties.

By my experience with large groups of co-workers, there were always these cliques of people who would gossip about the others informing me of who was who and who to stay away from.

Of course, I really didn't care until one day I was put to work for this elderly harsh looking woman I had been warned about.  As I walked up to her workstation I spotted a bowl of Jelly Beans on her desk.

First, words out of my mouth I was telling her about my Grandmother and the black jellybean story. This elderly woman also didn't like to eat the black ones so guess who got

Needless to say, I couldn't figure out what my co-workers were talking about , this lady was so nice. I now associate those little pretty colored egg shaped sugary delights with friendship.

Tomorrow you can have all the jellybeans that you want but will you?