Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bras...Wear At Your Own Risk

                                              I am the proud owner of one very new bra. As far as bra's go I still have a desert mentality when it comes time to harness up.

'Over the shoulder boulder holder' is one of my favorite sayings. I got that from one of my male friend back in Maine.

I can't stand the bra's that hook up in the back. By the time you've gone through the 'houdini bra fasten,' the straps would slip over my too broad of shoulders. I can't keep purse straps on either.

Okay, there are a dazzling awry of bra wear, all different shapes, and sizes, all colors of the rainbow. The skies the limit.

I had tried the front clicker bra. Wonderful, snaps in place I'm ready to transport. Little did I know that said click bra would unclick by squeezing your arms together or bending down.

Kinda reminding me of boob clapping. I think they just want to be free like they were in California.

When I was working at Wal-mart in software which is the women's clothes section spying Water Bras. I shit you not. My eyebrows went up asking my co-worker what if it falls? Will it burst? Bra water fight!!

We tested that theory out dropping a couple they were still intact. So I offered up another theory. what if you were out in the dead of winter in freezing temperatures, would the bra water freeze? Ouch, I offered.

We decided that maybe those water bras had anti-freeze in them for the colder weather. Hell I said, the cups could freeze turning them into deadly weapons but would we have to certify the bra? 

I finally after some experimenting finally found a bra just for me. A Sports Bra. Goes over your head, drop them, babies, in and you're good to go. Too much? If this offends you that wasn't the point of this post.

I thought of this post when I went into my bedroom to change into nightwear, I'm in for the night. My brand new bra is a Sports bra with cups. Oh, the support which you can really use as you grow older.

So I'm in the bedroom wrestling this cupped bra over my head to get it off nearly taking off my glasses. Thinking to myself this should have come with a warning label, wear at your own risk.

 I would be a good bra reviewer don't you think?