Thursday, May 12, 2016

14 Tips On Procrastinating Your To-Do List #FixThePlus

I sat here today now that I can schedule my posts remembering my To-Do list I had talked about in a previous post. I even learned how to put those social media buttons on your sidebar. I was so excited.

I did it here. I did a very newbie type of thing and put a title in when looking at it now I have to figure how to get it off. Where is an eraser when you need one.

I did a ton of shuffling pins around on my Pinterest Board where you can find all my favorite blogs and bloggers. I worked on that for hours getting more bleary-eyed as I went along.

Then I started thinking of ways to slow down, actually stop what I was doing so I could watch my on-line show which I will be talking one of these Tuesdays coming up with some tips to Procrastinate this seemingly endless on-line errands.

Tips On Procrastinating Your To-Do List 

  1. My mother's calling me.
  2. I think I left the oven/coffee pot on.
  3. What was that noise?
  4. My dog needs to be walked. (Don't tell anyone you really don't have a dog)
  5. My microwave timer went off.
  6. I have to return my library book.
  7. I have to answer the phone.
  8. Someone's at the door.
  9. My mouse hand is sore.
  10. I got a headache. (Which is universal for almost anything)
  11. My smoke alarm went off.
  12. I think I need a nap.
  13. I'm hungry.
  14. It's so nice out, I'm going for a walk.

If you can think of anymore go ahead and comment.